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Raagam: Kalyani

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Dear Ms. Kala,
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you gave Pranav to perform in Shruthilaya's "Annual Composers Day 2015". It was a wonderful day of music yesterday, in a way a "Margazhi Music Festival for children".

It is truly a blessing to have a teacher like you who guides and inspires the children in a unique and gentle way. Congratulations for conducting a successful event. Please thank your husband Thiru. Vasudevan for all his effort and coordination as well.
With sincere thanks,
- Vishali & Manivannan

Hi Kala,
Thank you to Sri. Vasu for such a wonderful event.

You are such a meticulous planner and organizer apart from being a great teacher.

That's what makes yesterday's event a great event. It was conducted so smoothly. It is such a commendable feat to plan songs and events with over 30 kids on stage.

Thank you so much for encouraging the girls and your compliments.

We are eternally grateful to you for this opportunity.

Your incredible encouragement to shweta makes us speechless and honored.

Your recording and rendition are so shruthi suttham that it an instrumentalist's delight to play for your kids.

Thank you so much again.
- Lavanya

Dear Kala,
Congratulations to you for conducting and completing yet another Composer's day successfully.

It takes a lot of planning, coordinating, execution to take up such a humongous task which involved so many students of various age not to mention the kids with different school activities or little children or busy parents.  You continue to amaze us every year to successfully launch this challenging task.

I cannot thank you and the supporters enough behind you especially Vasu, Gayatri who are your epitome of strength.  Starting from planning the event date, venue to song selections to Kriti/bhajans order which will include all your students in various level, innumerable practices with pakkavadhyams is not an easy task.  Yet, you take it up as your passion to execute this function year after year.

You can see Shruthilaya has grown as a family and yesterday I definitely saw auditorium full of parents and children who were listening and enjoying the whole program.

We are certainly indebted to you for imparting your knowledge to all your students including the parents. I can see how much my kids have learnt in this journey.  Our appreciation for this art in my family has certainly grown to leaps and bounds after being with Shruthilaya. We are truly proud to be part of Shruthilaya family.

Kudos to you.  And, looking forward to many more years to come.  Another feather to your cap. Congratulations again.
- Parvathi

Hello Kala,
Thanks to you for organizing such a great event! 

We can only imagine the amount of effort you might have put in to plan, organize the event meticulously!

The day was fully packed at the same time feast to our ears from the invocation song to Pancharatna Kritis and all the way to Mangalam.

It has showcased the talents of Shrutilaya and it's not just students and parents involvement but your dedication to this form of art, like Thyagaraja's portrayal of 'Guruvanti...' song.

Our sincere thanks to you, other teachers from Shrutilaya and other Artists/teachers who enhanced the performances, and last but not least to Vasu as well!
- Meena & Venkat

Hello Kala,
Thank you very much for organizing such a great event. All the kids sang amazingly and we were just mesmerized listening to them.

I want to thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart for giving my kids a great opportunity to learn from an amazing teacher like you. They are truly blessed.
- Radhika

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