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Raagam: Kalyani

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Congratulations on a fantastic event. It was evident that a tremendous amount of thought, passion, and effort went into it.
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids shine.
- Ravi

Thank you kala, as audience i enjoyed listening to sangeetham . Was a very well organized event, kudos to you !!!!!
Thank you,
- Meena

Congratulations to you and everyone associated with Shrutilaya. The children were fantastic and were inspiring each other to do better. The function was well organized and truly reflected your pursuit for perfection.
Thanks for extending your family to us.
- Nimi

Dear Kala,
This navaratri season when the kids got to exhibit their talents at various peoples homes, they received several compliments. Always the first question was who their teacher is. When we said they were your students they always said they thought so because of the way they presented themselves.

Even the songs that are picked for these kids are unique and shows the time you have taken to research and teach them. The innumerable number of extra practice rehearsals at the expense of your own personal time shows your dedication to this art form and how seriously you take imparting this knowledge.

Proceeding to one lesson after another in a meaningless way is not your style. You want perfection, clarity, discipline and understanding and appreciation of this beautiful art form. The nuances and finer aspects of a song, you have drilled into them which sets them apart from other students.

My kids are far from perfect but this season just like a light bulb went on, they are extremely proud about what they are learning. They want to showcase what they know and take pride in it. This itself is a first step taken in the right direction. They have fallen in love with carnatic music and I owe it to you.

What can I say, I am indeed blessed to be here in this city where you have taken up residence and we have had the privilege to be under your tutelage.

I hope that this association continues forever. We are eternally grateful to you.

As guru dakshina, we offer implicit obedience, punctuality, dedication and appreciation of all that is taught to us.
- Lavanya Vedanarayanan

Dear Kala,
It was very nice program yesterday and thank you for arranging it. It's such an encouragement to the kids and will surely boost their sprits.
- Sujatha

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